10 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Results

When you craft and launch a marketing campaign, you shouldn’t just stand by and watch if things can be improved. The best marketing campaigns are the ones that are constantly being tweaked and optimized to improve their results. This is known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). If you’re not currently getting the best results from your marketing efforts, you need to take a good look at what you’re doing and make changes.

We have included some examples of CRO techniques below to help you get started. Let us know if we need to include anything else! 

1: Improve Your Landing Page

Your landing page is the page someone will reach after clicking on your marketing campaign. This should not be your home page but a page explicitly focusing on a product or service you sell. The page should be created specifically for the campaign. 

Make sure the content on your landing page reflects the copy in your marketing campaign – there should be symmetry so that someone clicking through to your website knows they’re in the right place.

A landing page should include a unique selling proposition or strong reasoning why a consumer should pick you over your competitors. Since you want to get to the point quickly, this may be in the headline or the supporting headline. 

2: Adjust Your Audience

If you’re running paid ads or doing SEO work, ensure you’re targeting the right audience and keywords. Don’t be afraid to test new audiences and look for additional opportunities. You must consider what interests your ideal customers and what they’d be searching for when they’re looking for your products or services.

To purposefully test different audiences, you can use a few different techniques. Think about what you want to accomplish with your company and marketing budget, focus your audience and assets on a meaningful goal, then monitor and analyze your findings.

3: Change Your Frequency

Is your audience seeing marketing communications from you regularly? If you don’t send out regular emails, it’s easy for your business not to be front of mind with them. Make communication a regular thing with your audience, and you’ll increase your chances of generating more sales.

While it’s not easy to determine how many times a month you should send emails to your list, you can slowly increase the frequency of emails – for example, moving from once a month to twice a month – and see how your contacts respond in kind. Keep a close eye on these initiatives. There is a fine line between providing helpful information and being obnoxious.

4: Increase your budget

Sometimes your marketing budget isn’t quite high enough to get the desired results. If we take paid ads as an example, you may have a budget that is too small to be able to compete for popular keywords. When this happens, your budget is used up too quickly in the day, and your ads stop being visible.

You have a few options in this situation – you can increase your budget and try to stay in the running for the popular keywords. You could also try changing your keywords.

5: Try something new

If a marketing method isn’t working for your business and you’ve given it a reasonable try, don’t be afraid to try something different. There are many ways that every business can be marketed, and the right option for your competitors isn’t always the right option for you. Sometimes doing something different can help you to stand out even more with your ideal customers.

If you’ve dipped your toe into PPC ads and found the results uninspiring, consider using inbound marketing to increase your reach. If your website has a high bounce rate, you may need to provide more valuable information to your customers to get them to stay on your site.

6: Stop missing opportunities to connect

Omnichannel marketing / meet customers on every step of the journey

Customers’ online and mobile purchasing experiences should be optimized for the best possible customer journey. With more consumers shopping online and more online shopping on mobile devices, companies need to ensure that their sites render well, adhere to brand rules, and make it easy for consumers to locate what they’re looking for. The more streamlined the purchasing process is, the greater the chance of a sale. 

Consider adopting an omnichannel marketing approach. This means using every possible method to connect with your customers and make them feel cared for, whether they’re visiting your website for the first time or the fiftieth.

7: Automate some processes to make more room for customer service

For example, when someone signs up for email alerts, an automatic welcome email should go out to them. You can use forms to get their information, which can automatically be entered into your CRM, and then you can contact them. 

You can use chatbots or automated responses on your website and social media pages to help weed out some of the cooler leads. Warm leads can be nurtured with a human response or an AI chatbot. 

8: Repurpose content

This process takes more time on the front end but saves you time in the long run. You will need to create an authoritative long-form piece of content, like a blog, video, or podcast. Then, once you have that finished, you can repurpose it in many different ways. Turn your longer blogs into smaller content pieces for social media and drive traffic to the blog. this will save time in the long run and reinforce your brand and consistency. 

Writing a blog and distributing content on social networking platforms is not enough to stand out, increase brand recognition, or drive visitors to your website or landing pages. Shake things up a little.

Start a podcast or video series. Participate in Instagram’s daily community. Put together some white papers. Contribute whatever type of article you like: guides, lists, interviews, Q&As, behind-the-scenes, polls, profiles, and more.

9: Have a plan

Most journeys without a map don’t go very well. Your marketing strategy is the same. 

Investigate, talk about, and discuss it, then write it down. 65 percent of the most effective content marketers have a defined plan, but just 14 percent of the least successful content marketers have.

Regarding planning, topic pillars, and clusters are better ways to reflect the shifting ways in which search engines rank content and how people discover it.

10: Base your marketing on how your customers behave

Create customer profiles, predict how customers will act when presented with information and adjust accordingly. Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion are reciprocity, commitment and consistency, consensus or social proof, authority, liking, and scarcity. Keep these in mind as you are crafting your marketing strategy. 

For example, social proof. Customers are strongly influenced by the positive opinions of their peers and people they admire. To that purpose, positive reviews and genuine testimonials are crucial aspects of your web presence. 

Consider having a testimonials page or highlighting your positive review scores on Google or Yelp. These can help those on the fence decide to choose your business. 

You Must Be Agile in Today’s Environment

Digital marketing is more critical today than ever before. By utilizing some of the best marketing techniques, you can ensure that your campaigns will be effective and deliver the desired results. 

Focus on the ten tactics in this article, such as adjusting your audience, creating a plan, repurposing content, increasing your budget, trying something new, and more. These tactics will help you build a more relevant and effective marketing strategy to reach a wider warm audience and deliver conversions. 

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