Hosting & Maintainance

Secured, Up-to Date, Fast and Reliable

Keep your website secure and operational with a reliable hosting and maintenance plan. Never let your website go down.

Your website is a critical part of your revenue stream - are you taking proper care of it? Websites today can provide amazing experiences for your customers and have the potential to be your primary revenue stream in many cases. It's more important than ever to keep your website up to date and secure so that your business can continue to grow.

  • Optimized Hosting

    No shared managed hosting here. We use only the best cloud servers available for our clients. Optimized for speed, secure, and ready to scale with your business.

  • Security

    Keep your website secure from potential threats of malware, malicious bots, and bad actors who search the internet for unsecured loopholes. 

  • Support

    A support team you can count on to guide you through the daily challenges of running a successful e-commerce website.

  • Daily Backups

    Daily on-site and off-site backups as well as full server backups ensure that you'll always be prepared.

  • Regular Software Updates

    The code that powers website is constantly being updated to keep up with the latest standards and security loopholes. It's important your website is regularly updated and tested to avoid any potential conflicts.

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