10 Reasons Why You Need A Welcome Email Sequence

When someone signs up for your email list, you should automatically send them a welcome email. Your new customer will be most enthusiastic just after they opt in. Since this is the case, a welcome email series is your greatest bet for creating a lasting impression, demonstrating your value, and closing a sale.

Do you have an email welcome sequence in place?

If the answer is “no” or “I’d like to,” this blog post is exactly where you need to be. I will explain why every business that uses email marketing should have a welcome email series for their new subscribers.

Table of Contents

Why is a Welcome Email Sequence Important?
What Are the Goals of a Welcome Email Sequence?
Top 10 Reasons to Establish a Welcome Email Sequence


Why is a Welcome Email Sequence Important?

In contrast to other email campaigns, the “welcome” series aims to enlighten new followers once they have opted in or received a lead magnet, giving them the knowledge they need to make an educated purchase choice.

In other words, send them an email series that welcomes them to your firm and educates them on the products and services you provide.

First impressions are still important in the virtual space. If someone subscribes to your emails, should you ignore them until your following scheduled newsletter or email blast? No, right? You should acknowledge and thank them for wanting to learn more about your company. 

Customers increasingly want to feel valued and cared for. Email can make your customer feel valued by asking for their feedback, testimonials, or opinions. 

How many messages should a “welcome” email series have?

The average welcome series consists of four to six emails. With five emails, you may focus each message on a single issue, which is essential for gaining your contacts’ confidence and assisting them before making any sales pitches.

What Are the Goals of a Welcome Email Sequence?

You may use your welcome series to accomplish several things, including…

  • Customers who have never used your wares before
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Meeting new people and making phone calls
  • Additional details
  • A more significant number of successfully onboarded clients or customers.
  • Increasing a group’s membership.
  • Testimonials
  • Answers to questions that can make your company better

Since there are a great many individuals in the world, and the vast majority of them are not your customers, most welcome email sequences target new leads and subscribers.

However, outstanding welcome emails can also delight your current clientele.

Top 10 Reasons to Establish a Welcome Email Sequence

1: Make a First Impression

If done well, an introductory email series is your finest chance to introduce yourself and win over prospects.

Welcome emails help you to make a great first impression with a potential customer. They’re often one of the first things a potential customer will see. If you can deliver a great first impression, you’re already building a good foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship.

2: Establish Trust & Credibility 

The welcome emails you share with a new subscriber can help you build trust and credibility. They show your new subscriber more about who you are and how your company can help them. Let your subscriber know why you’re in business – i.e., why you set up your business to help them with the problems they’re suffering from.

3: Establish Expertise 

It’s essential to include some case studies or a testimonial from your happy customers in at least one of your welcome emails. Not only does this social proof help to build trust with a new subscriber, but it also establishes your expertise. You can prove that you can help customers just like your reader.

4: Set Expectations

As part of your welcome emails, you can set expectations with your reader about what is coming next. This includes letting someone know when they’ll hear from you and how often. You’re telling someone how your business operates, that you’re here to help them, and you’re telling them how you will do that.

5: Deliver Sales 

A welcome email sequence is only complete with an offer. Make sure you include at least one offer in your welcome emails. This shouldn’t be for the most expensive product or service you sell. Try and make it for a no-brainer product – one of your best-selling options that is an easy “yes” for any new customer.

6: Keep Your Business Top of Mind

Even if they aren’t ready to purchase, you can keep your brand front of mind with a well-executed email welcome sequence. When you give relevant information that solves their problem areas and illustrates how your solutions have benefited others, it makes the purchase choice simple when the time comes.

We’ve sent hundreds of thousands of welcome emails on behalf of our customers. As part of our own digital email marketing firm, so we know firsthand that this marketing is effective and may lead to increased profits if appropriately executed.

It’s preferable to have some kind of introduction series, even if it’s hurriedly thrown together. 

7: Initiate Communication While Their Interest is High

Even while lead capture and database expansion are important marketing goals, they aren’t enough if you don’t have a plan for what to do with the leads you’ve already collected and how to keep them interested in what you have to offer. If they’re interested enough in your product or service to download your lead magnet, price, or sign up for a newsletter, you need to strike while the iron is hot or risk losing them.

Having a pre-programmed sequence of welcome emails ready to go out expedites the process. The first email in your welcome sequence should recognize their interest and identify yourself and the firm before delving more in-depth about what you do in the following emails. Sending emails while they’re still interested helps keep the dialogue continuing, establishes credibility, and puts you at the top of their list.

8: Promote Interactions With Customers Throughout The Entire Customer Journey

If you have a well-thought-out email welcome series, you can keep in touch with contacts and present yourself to them at every step of the buyer’s journey. Persons at all stages of the purchasing process are included, from those who are just becoming aware of the choice to those who have made up their minds and are ready to purchase.

If you provide your potential customers with anything of value before the sale, such as the knowledge they need to choose, you’ll see an increase in sales. That way, they’ll have a better chance of picking you when the moment is right. Even if they aren’t ready to purchase immediately after receiving your welcome email, you can still give value by sending them your weekly or monthly news updates.

9: Show Off Your Solution

You may thoroughly explain your solution, address any concerns your audience may have, and show that you’ve successfully assisted others in similar situations by sending a series of welcome emails. You may promote your business and help your clients understand your services by referring them to related blog entries. Add social evidence with a few testimonials and links to relevant case studies.

Choosing the appropriate builder is crucial when constructing a new house; for instance, thus a welcome email series may benefit prospective clients. One of our customers has a twenty-email-long welcome sequence; each focused on a different subject. The sequence addresses many concerns people may have about building a home, from the initial decision to purchase land to the final steps of submitting a project inquiry. This includes blog articles on buying land and showcasing recent projects and action points such as taking a virtual tour, scheduling a consultation, and submitting a project inquiry.

10: Learn About Your Potential Clientele

The valuable information gleaned from an automated email greeting sequence is another major perk. You may learn more about your clients’ interests by monitoring email open and click-through rates using automation software like HubSpot (or comparable technologies). Your marketing plan may then be adjusted accordingly.

Additionally, automation allows you to tailor your welcome email series to the specific interests of your contacts by altering the series’ tone, length, and frequency. If you have several distinct buyer personas, you can use this to your advantage by setting up distinct streams of customers to get time-specific information. It is possible to designate a trigger (such as when the contact submits an inquiry or becomes a client) that will cause them to be removed from the sequence and stop receiving emails once the contact is no longer relevant.


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