Manta Racks


Manta Racks Case Study

Services: Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, SEO, Web Design

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  • Objective:

    Manta Racks sought to boost their website traffic and escalate revenue generation. Despite being in business for several years, scaling the product and reaching the target audience had been elusive, particularly due to past unsuccessful engagements with other agencies.

  • Challenge:

    The core challenge lay in the inability to scale the product and effectively reach the desired audience. Previous attempts with another agency yielded no substantial results, leaving Manta Racks in a quandary on how to proceed.

  • Solution:

    Upon engagement, we initiated a thorough discovery process that paved the way for a tailored solution. This comprised a website refresh to enhance the conversion rate, Facebook Ads to drive immediate traffic and sales, SEO for long-term sustained traffic and revenue growth, and Email Marketing to keep existing customers engaged and interested. Each component of this strategy was meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges faced by Manta Racks.



The outcome of our collective effort was significant. Within the initial six months, we achieved a 3x increase in monthly organic traffic. Moreover, Facebook Ads proved to be a catalyst for immediate sales, boasting an average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 3.5x, much to the client’s delight.


Client Feedback:

Manta Racks expressed their satisfaction with our services, stating, “Being the inventor of a new product for the boating industry, it has been extremely hard and costly to drive people to our website and inform boaters that we have a solution. After working with a few different web developers and hosts, I was very frustrated and not getting anywhere. I met Phil with KB Creative and he put a proposal together to increase traffic, improve customer experience, increase check out speeds on our website, and of course increase sales. We have been with KB Creative for 5 months and KB Creative has performed. On a monthly basis, they communicate extremely well, review where we are, and discuss a game plan for the upcoming months. They listen and learn about my business. They take recommendations and work with me as a team extension for my business. They make suggestions and provide options. KB Creative is providing a level of service, which I haven’t seen in the previous companies. Creativity, work ethic, reliability, communication, and honesty are traits you can count on with KB Creative.”

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