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Caroline Prime Pet Case Study

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  • Objective:

    Carolina Prime Pet came to us with a clear goal: they wanted to increase traffic to their website and, ultimately, boost revenue from online sales. Before our engagement, they were missing a direct sales channel to reach their customers, which was a roadblock in growing their online sales.

  • Challenge:

    The main challenge was twofold: Carolina Prime Pet needed a new online platform to sell their products directly to customers, and they needed a well-thought-out strategy to drive traffic to this new platform while spreading awareness among their target audience. This was essential to transition from their previous model and step into a direct-to-consumer model.

  • Solution:

    Our solution began with building a user-friendly website using WooCommerce. This new website would provide a well-optimized platform for traffic conversion and sales generation. While the website was being developed, we collaborated with Carolina Prime Pet to formulate a marketing strategy that would hit the right chords with their target audience and drive high-converting traffic to the website. The comprehensive strategy encompassed a fresh website design with e-commerce functionality, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, and SEO. Each of these elements was geared towards ensuring a steady flow of traffic and improving the visibility of Carolina Prime Pet online.



The results of this collaborative venture were notable. Our SEO efforts bore fruit with a significant 438% increase in monthly organic traffic by the end of the first year. Moreover, the revenue metrics were equally promising. Within the first six months post-launch, there was a 5x increase in monthly revenue. The upward trend didn’t stop there; halfway through the second year, the monthly sales had grown to 13x of the initial figures. This consistent and significant growth in sales highlighted the effectiveness of the new website coupled with the holistic marketing strategy.


Client Feedback:

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